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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Beach Life

Ok so this maybe isn't that interesting but it irked me so here goes. The other night whilst I was flicking through the channels trying desperately to find anything remotely worth watching, I stumbled across this. It's billed as the "real OC". Basically MTV have followed 8 teenagers around documenting their every move. These teenager just happen to be (or should I say their parents just happen to be ) incredibly rich. They live in one of the most exclusive and expensive beach resorts in the US and all of them are beautiful.

I think the worst thing about this program's is that although its meant to be about real teenagers, it's not. How many teenagers do you know that can take a skiing trip just because they're depressed, or can go on a holiday to Mexico (unsupervised) during their school holidays. Most of the teenagers who were filmed were not yet in college. MTV aren't showing real teenage life they're showing what life could be like if only your parents were minted. It's a very singular view, there are no ordinary people, they are all rich and beautiful. I ended up feeling sorry for the 8 teenagers who participated in this show, I can honestly say that it may do them more harm than good. Ok so they'll have their 5 mins of fame, but it will be for all the wrong reasons. This show portrays them in a very poor light, they seem to be nothing more than image obsessed spoilt brats. All the girls are shown as bitchy primadonna's and all the guys as two timing lothario's (sp?). I think maybe the idea of fame blinded them to what could really happen. I hope that having seen the show they will think twice about participating in any further series.

Well now I'll put my little soap box away and update the quiz.

Joint 1st Place

Ruby & Molly

2nd Place

The Whales

Joint 3rd Place


Well done also to Button (2), Howsey (2) and Billy (1)

The remaining answers were

7. Blokes grafting - Men At Work
10. I'm Fanatical Towards the Girl - Madonna
14. Desperate Trouble - Dire Straits

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Ok appologies first. I know I haven't been around much recently but I have been really busy. I'm decorating at the moment which is a nightmare and I am doing shed loads of overtime at work as I have more work to do than there are hours in the day. Anyway having checked today I noticed that I had some more guesses on the quiz so I have updated the quiz post with the correct answers but there are still 6 left to get so keep going, and well done to everyone who has had a go.