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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fire Fire !

Ooohh I am now what is commonly known as an appointed person. It is now my responsibility to ensure that everyone is evacuated from my department when the fire alarm goes off. Great responsibility.....i've managed quite well without that for a good many years, and now it's kinda crept up on me. In short I am now a Fire Marshall. And how have I managed to gain this exalted office.....I spent 2 hours in a meeting room yesterday being told what my duties would be and then I spent an hour in one of the loading bays fannying around with fire extinguishers. Yup I actually got to set a few off. (Have to admit this bit was pretty good fun, and very messy. Also lunch was included which is always a good thing)

Anyway I now have a nice bright yellow Hi-viz vest with the words Fire Marshall emblazoned across the back in big red letters, and to go along with this most glorious of fashion accessories, a shed load of worry if the fire alarms do ever decide to go off. Mind you if they do go of I will be in charge and therefore can not get bollocked for shouting at people if they don't get of the arses to evacuate the building . Every cloud has a sliver lining


Anonymous Sue... said...

I find a hint of menace in "Please evacuate the building" and carrying a very large gun helps...that and forcibly removing the phone receiver from the hand of the consultant radiologist who is still on the phone after everyone else has left..

People are so stupid...

11:14 pm  
Blogger baggiebird said...

Oohh Sue a very large gun....mmmm i'm now wondering if my company will provide me with one of those if I ask.

We were told to hang people's phones up of they refused to finish the call. I'm kinda looking forward to the feeling of power I will no doubt get when next our fire alarm sounds.

And your right people are stupid

2:16 pm  
Blogger llewtrah said...

Our fire marshall have megaphones and act like crosses between bus conductors and fascist dictators. MOVE RIGHT ALONG THE VERGE PLEASE, RIGHT ALONG.

Last time we had a fire evacuation, the cause of the fire alarm going off turned out to be .... a fire marshall burnt some chestnuts in the microwave! The galley smelled of smoke for weeks.

7:18 am  
Blogger baggiebird said...

Hey llewtrah maybe they did it on purpose so they could play with their megaphones ;-)

12:10 pm  

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