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Hello all my names Tracy and I hail from sunny West Bromwich. I mad about football and I support my local team West Bromwich Albion (and yes I did cry when we were relegated from the Premiership last season) I'm also a huge fan of Green Wing.

Monday, February 12, 2007

London Calling

Oh i'm a tad excited this week as on Wednesday i'm off to London, pleasure bound again. I'm going to see Pinter's People, which stars the very talented Bill Bailey. I can't wait. Until this year I hadn't been to London for at least 5 years. Wednesdays trip make it 3 times this year already..not bad considering it's still only February.

I'd just like to say thanks to the lovely Spence who won the tickets to Pinter's People and invited me along...thank you so much, i', really looking forward to this.

Anyway one and all I will attempt top do a write up on the play when I get back, although considering i've been meaning to do a write up about the 7 Seconds of Love gig I went to a couple of weeks ago (by the way they were fantastic, click on the link and give them a listen) I really wouldn't hold your breath


Blogger Bob Swipe said...

Hello Tracy,

I've moved here... if you want to update your bookmark....

L.U.V. on ya,


2:42 pm  
Blogger baggiebird said...

Cheers for that hun, I'm updating now

5:32 pm  

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