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Hello all my names Tracy and I hail from sunny West Bromwich. I mad about football and I support my local team West Bromwich Albion (and yes I did cry when we were relegated from the Premiership last season) I'm also a huge fan of Green Wing.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Predict A Riot

As I'm sure you are aware I am a big fan of West Bromwich Albion Football Club. On Sunday we played our local rivals Wolverhampton Wanderer's in the 4th round of the FA cup. Now we haven't played Wolves in any cup game for many a year, so this was a big occasion for both sets of fans. It is fair to say that a win by Wolves on this occasion although not impossible was pretty unlikely. As it turns out West Brom emerged the victors on the day, winning the game 3 goals to 0.

The rivalry between the fans of these clubs is pretty intense, and the game was always going to be a volatile affair. The local police force and the board of Wolves FC had decided to turn over an entire stand to the Albion fans in order to keep both sets of fans apart, therefore reducing the risk of trouble. This didn't sit very well with the Wolverhampton fans who seats were to be occupied by Albion fans for the game, whilst they were relocated to other area's of the stadium. Now plenty of Wolves fans have been very vocal on this issue berating their club and their chairman for allowing this to happen, but considering that this happened at the end of the game I think that both the police and the clubs board can feel more than justified in their actions. I didn't go to the game on Sunday as I thought that there may be trouble.....How right can one person be. I really can't understand the point of behaving like an idiot when your team loose. I think the Wolves fans who behaved so appallingly on Sunday should be ashamed of themselves. By all accounts the Albion fans behaved brilliantly and were commended by the police, so well done to them for not letting their club down.

P.S Bragging right in the Black country are very important when it comes to a local derby so imagine my amusement when I received this on my e-mail the other day. I know it's rubbing salt into the wounds of the Wolves fans but it amused me and I dare say if the roles had been reversed the Wolves fans would be gloating just as well as the Albion fans are now.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'm a pretty artistic person, I can paint and draw pretty well , although don't ever ask me to do your portrait as you will end up looking like a cross between a mumpet and something out of alien (and I don't mean Sigorney Weaver!) So when I got these pictures sent to me I was pretty much blown away. The persepctive in thse pictures is damn near perfect, lets face ot for them to work it would have to be.

Have a look for yourselves and let me know what you think.


Sorry I forgot to update the Christmas quiz I will do that today so keep a look out for the results

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh my Fucksey

Well i'm officially knackered after a weekend of madness. I was lucky enough to be at the now pretty much infamous Green Wing Convention. I thought I would attempt to descibe my weekend, so here goes


Meet up with Spence at Digbeth bus station for our busy journey to fair old London town. We had a pretty good journey what with the IT girls sitting behind us how just couldn't wait for the festival season to start and the Life of Brian extra from the sermon on the mount who spent the entire journey talking to himself was all good fun. Met up with other conventioneers at Victoria....Bikey, Stacie, Rachel, Fraudulent Little Tart, MDM, Waxy and Terri. It was the off to catch the tube to the venue. The rest of Friday night included drinking, blowing up balloons, sticking stickers on yoyo's and singing and dancing around Tesco.


Up early for breakfast, then on with the decorating. Then it was helping with getting everyone badged up and sorted into their teams for the quiz. I got to insult a famous person and run around a green in the middle of London with a waste paper bin on my head whilst being filmed.....and this I did whilst sober. I spent far too much money on auction items and then had some drinks and stuck post it notes on my head......yup I was still sober.


Up early again for to catch coach home, very tired but very happy. I had a fantastic weekend which will stay with me for every. Cheers to everyone who orgainized it and to everyone I met whilst there, you are all wonderful people.