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Hello all my names Tracy and I hail from sunny West Bromwich. I mad about football and I support my local team West Bromwich Albion (and yes I did cry when we were relegated from the Premiership last season) I'm also a huge fan of Green Wing.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Remembering your password helps

Well I have finally remembered my password for this here blog thingy so I thought I may as well put up a new post.

I have had a relatively busy few months. I seem to have spent most of them trundling round the country going to comedy gigs with the lovely Jools. And in between my various trips to London, Cardiff and Nottingham, in pursuit of comedy, I managed several trips to the National Theatre and a visit to Wembley, but the least said about that the better.....all did not end well at Wembley. Don't get me wrong the stadium was fantastic and I had a brilliant day, but the journey home would have been so much better if we'd won!

This year seems to have happened in a whirlwind and I can't quite believe it's nearly the middle of October. The big Wembly disappointment hasn't cooled my love of the game. I renewed my season ticket and am enjoying myself as much as usual, which sometimes isn't a lot. You have to be used to disappointment to support West Bromwich Albion. So my diary is full of football games, and not much else at the moment. However I am off to see Rush at the NEC tomorrow which should be a fantastic night out and then on Monday I fly off the the US for 10 days.

I have to admit I have had more fun and been to more places this year than I have in the past 10. In fact recently I have spent so much time in London I have invested in an Oyster card. And even though I'm tired and need my holiday I wouldn't change this past year for anything. I have lived this year and I've decided I like it, so next year is going to be more of the same. I already have yet another trip to London planned as well as a weekend to Switzerland sorted, so I've made a good start.

Oh yes and I will attempt to put some of my adventures on here for who ever reads this drivel to enjoy.