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Hello all my names Tracy and I hail from sunny West Bromwich. I mad about football and I support my local team West Bromwich Albion (and yes I did cry when we were relegated from the Premiership last season) I'm also a huge fan of Green Wing.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well I have had a rather packed couple of weeks. I have been down to London 3 times since the 24th April, I think I may move down here it would certainly save time and money!

I came down to London last week to see the new Joe Penhall play Landscape With Weapon at the national Cottesloe theatre. The play was brilliant, well written and superbly acted. Tom Hollander's performance was flawless as was those of the supporting cast. Considering I went to an afternoon matinee it was very well attended. The audience even boasted a Hollywood star....Jack (Pirates of the Carribean) Davenport, who was there with his wife Michelle Gomez and his fellow This Lifer Andrew Lincoln.

The big news is that I was interviewed for and Channel 4 DVD. This meant that I spent a Saturday afternoon sitting in a comedy writers back garden somewhere in London, drinking beer and generally having a bit of a giggle whilst some very strange a silly filiming took place some of which included me! I'm not sure when the DVD will be out but it is going to be the new box set of Green Wing DVD's, which should include both series of the programme along with the Special that was aired in Jan this year. Although to tell the truth i'm a little anxious about this as I was properly rubbish....I don't think I have a carreer in TV beckoning

Also to those who are lurking out there, the quiz is still running as there are still a few answers to get do please have a go you never know you may just like it


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